Elevated Work Platform Training NZ

Elevated Work Platform Training in NZ Teaches Safe Operation

Attending elevated work platform training in NZ provides instruction on machinery operation with an emphasis on safety. Course completion provides you with credentials that accompany you on every job. Silvercard offers first-class training in the safe use of EWPs, (Elevated Work Platforms), providing you with the knowledge to successfully embark on a career that is always in demand.

The Importance of Elevated Work Platform Certification in NZ

Operating an EWP is a great responsibility and requires proper safety instruction along with machinery operation to maintain a safe work environment, not only for the operator but for anyone in the vicinity. Ensuring adequate operation results in fewer accidents that cause bodily harm and property damage, including damage to machinery.

  • Using a motorised lift of any sort requires knowledge of the machinery and proper stabilisation techniques to prevent tipping and injury.
  • Elevated work platform training courses in NZ teach you when and how to wear safety harnesses that protect you from accidental falls.
  • Possessing an EWP Operator ID Card provides proof of competency to potential employers allowing them to feel comfortable with you operating their equipment.

What You Can Expect from Silvercard Regarding Elevated Work Platform Training Courses in NZ

Our courses are designed to deliver compliance and safety information for the use of EWP’s across various industry sectors in New Zealand and adhere to NZQA Unit Standards. The experience of our trainers translates into a comprehensive course structure, providing you with the knowledge and skills that will benefit you throughout your career.

  • Our elevated work platform certification in NZ covers scissor lifts, self-propelled booms, vertical lifts, and truck and trailer mounted booms. Each course covers one platform to ensure proper theoretical and practical instruction.
  • Our trainers are industry professionals with extensive EWP knowledge and experience having worked within the HIANZ or private sector. They are familiar with industry trends, innovation and compliance requirements.
  • Our elevated work platform training courses in NZ cover health and safety requirements, hazard identification, risk assessment, pre and post operational checks, emergency procedures and rescue plans. We also train you in fall arrest harness inspection and use, safe operation of EWPs and compliance requirements, as well as theory and practical assessments.

About Silvercard

Silvercard was developed by the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ) 20 years ago to ensure safe operation of EWPs. Our elevated work platform certification in NZ is widely recognised in numerous industries providing you with credentials for hire. All trainers hold a minimum of National Certificate in Adult Education L4 and are approved assessors with The Skills Organisation. Upon completion of a course, we submit the information to The Skill Organisation who register your unit standards on your NZQA Record of Achievement.

We offer courses on both islands for your convenience. For more information on our courses, including competitive pricing, contact our helpful staff who will get you started on a career path that is always in demand. Acquiring the credentials for safe elevated work platforms opens many doors for employment. Start your new path today.

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