Elevated Work Platform Licence in Auckland

Maximise Your Potential with an Elevated Work Platform Licence in Auckland

Whether you’re looking to change careers or want to prove your working at height skills to a potential employer, you might need to obtain an elevated work platform licence in Auckland from a reputable provider. At HIANZ, we offer leading EWP courses that lead to nationally-recognised certifications. Find out why we’re a standout company and the benefits of our training by reading below.

What Sets HIANZ Apart Regarding Elevated Work Platform Training Courses in Auckland

Here’s why so many people in Auckland and across New Zealand choose us for EWP training:

  • We only employ highly experienced instructors: We settle for nothing but the most comprehensive elevated work platform training courses in Auckland for our clients, which is why we only hire industry professionals to carry out your training. You’ll also receive plenty of one-on-one time to perfect your skills and prove yourself as a safe and capable EWP candidate.
  • We offer a range of courses depending on your needs: We understand that a variety of different sectors require their workers to hold a valid EWP Silvercard, which is we why can customise our training according to your requirements. We offer courses that enable you to use a range of vehicles safely, from scissor lifts to self-propelled booms.
  • Our elevated work platform certification in Auckland is recognised nationally: Obtain your EWP Silvercard in Auckland, and you’ll open job opportunities in building, mining, commercial window cleaning and more across the country. Our partners include the Skills Organisation and EWPA, meaning you can feel confident your potential employer will realise the value of your certification.

Benefits of Elevated Work Platform Training in Auckland

Here are some of the primary advantages of our EWP courses in Auckland:

  • Learn how to use EWPs safely: As you might expect, working at heights on elevated platforms comes with its risks. Fortunately, there are very few accidents in sectors that require such tasks be carried out thanks to the legal advancements concerning safety regulations. Train with us, and you can feel confident you’ll be able to identify hazards and keep yourself and your colleagues out of harm’s way.
  • Understand EWP compliance requirements: The laws surrounding working at heights change continuously, and it’s your job to keep up if you work in such an industry. We’ll ensure you complete our course with a thorough understanding of the rules concerning elevated work platforms.
  • Learn how to respond to emergencies: Even though accidents are rare, they can happen. You need to know how to act should you or your colleagues find yourself in danger. Our safety training covers everything, from hazard prevention to emergency response.

Why You Should Use HIANZ Silvercard

At HIANZ, we commit to providing our clients with the most comprehensive EWP courses in the nation, which is why we only employ experienced industry professionals and offer training to suit your unique requirements. Find out about our range of courses or enrol today by getting in touch.

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