Elevated Platform Licence in Wellington

Obtain Your Elevated Platform Licence in Wellington

If you want to work at heights in an exciting industry such as construction or rigging, you may need to undergo training to acquire your elevated platform licence in Wellington. At HIANZ, we provide industry-leading courses to suit any EWP requirement, after which you’ll receive a nationally recognised certification. Learn more about why we’re the obvious choice for EWP training by reading below.

What You Can Expect from HIANZ Regarding Elevated Platform Training in Wellington

Choose us for EWP training in Wellington, or any other location in New Zealand, and you can expect the following:

  • More job opportunities: Many industries, ranging from construction to commercial window cleaning, require their employees to hold an EWP Silvercard, which is a nationally recognised certification that shows employers you know how to operate heavy machinery at height safely, whether it’s a scissor lift, trailer-mounted boom or vertical lift. With our help, you can receive the accreditation you need to land your next job.
  • The ability to work safely: Working at heights can be hazardous, making it essential for all employees who use equipment such as trailer-mounted booms to be able to prove their knowledge of safety procedures in their line of work. Following our course, which we can tailor to your needs, you’ll know how to spot potential hazards and use heavy machinery safely.
  • Knowledge of current laws surrounding compliance: The government sets stringent regulations concerning the use of heavy machinery, and there are rules specific to employees who work at heights. During our training courses, you’ll become familiar with all laws that affect how you work and what’s required to keep your equipment in full working order.

What Sets HIANZ Silvercard Apart Regarding the Elevated Work Platform Licence in Wellington

We consider ourselves to be standard setters for our industry for reasons such as:

  • We deliver courses across NZ: As mentioned above – lots of sectors require their employees to hold an EWP Silvercard, which is why we offer training throughout New Zealand. Regardless of your location, we can give you the knowledge you need to work safely while keeping others out of harm’s way, and being able to do your job efficiently.
  • All our instructors are industry professionals: We only employ trainers with years or even decades of experience in their respective careers, ensuring you receive hands-on training that will prove genuinely useful at work. Moreover, our employees are passionate about what they do, which is enabling aspiring EWP workers to carry out their duties safely and professionally.
  • We boast competitive prices and a wealth of experience: For almost two decades, the EWP Silvercard has remained one of the most prestigious certifications for working at heights. Obtain your accreditation from us, and the sky will become the limit regarding your career.

Why You Should Choose Silvercard by HIANZ

For comprehensive training courses led by seasoned industry professionals for a cost-effective price, you needn’t look any further than HIANZ Silvercard, the sector’s standard setter for the past two decades. If you have any questions or want to enrol, don’t hesitate to call us.

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