Elevated Work Platform Training in Wellington

Receive Excellent Elevated Work Platform Training in Wellington

The Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ) follows through on a commitment to best practice training by offering a certified program for elevated work platform training in Wellington. The Silvercard program is explicitly designed to provide the most straightforward method to take an untrained employee and certify them in the effective use of elevated work platforms.

Problems Elevated Work Platform Certification in Wellington Addresses

There are several variations of the elevated work platform for which we offer training courses and certification, but they share similar structures and outcomes:

  • Available Courses: Boom Lift Elevated Work Platform, Scissor Lift Elevated Work Platform, Trailer Mounted Elevated Work Platform, Truck Mounted Elevated Work Platform and Vertical Personnel Lift
  • Course Structure: Each course reviews New Zealand’s Health and Safety legislative requirements, EWP compliance requirements, fall arrest harness inspections, safe operation practices, and concludes with a theoretical and practical assessment before certification.
  • Course Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, the student reports to the assessor who will officially record your success on the NZQA Record of Achievement. Successful completion also merits an EWP Operator ID card and a “temporary” Silver Card to operate machinery before the official one is sent to you via post.

Our training program is comprehensive and designed based on what has worked in the past, so each iteration offers a consistent approach towards training your employees.

Benefits of Elevated Work Platform Training Courses in Wellington

EWP operator compliance programs aren’t just for show; when your employees complete the training program, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Safety – Safety is at the heart of any equipment certification program. We recognise that there are several safe methods of operation that your employees should know. These methods vary depending on the lift used, so ensure that they receive the training necessary for the machinery at your work site.
  • Efficiency – Everyone gets better at the work they do through experience, but without a guiding hand, that can be a long and expensive road. The Silvercard certification programs speed up the process by teaching core skills that improve workmanship and operator effectiveness.
  • Compliance – As industry experts, HIANZ trainers are knowledgeable and authorised to provide all necessary certification for your team to use EWPs under any circumstance. Prevent legal difficulties and liability complications with our clear, effective training program.

Why Silvercard Is Cost Effective

HIANZ has a long history of serving industrial workers and contractors. We’ve developed many programs such as Silvercard that improve workplace safety and efficiency. With several decades of experience, our Silvercard instructors are located throughout New Zealand and prepared to help workers from any industry become certified in safety and equipment competency.

You can count on our instructors to provide the premium standard for educational excellence in Wellington. Each trainer is an industry professional holding at least a National Certificate in Adult Education L4 at a minimum. They have worked in the Hire Industry and have a keen sense of industry trends and what future demands will be. Contact us today to learn more about the Silvercard certification courses or to find a trainer.

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