EWP Certification NZ

Protect Your Business and Your Reputation with EWP Certification in NZ

The Silvercard program for EWP Certification in NZ is a helpful resource for independent contractors and business owners alike. Through this program, licensed HIANZ trainers take novice operators and teach them the methods for the safe operation of any EWP. Upon successful completion, the attendees receive a governmentally recognised certification that permits them to operate EWPs throughout New Zealand freely.

Problems EWP Operator Training in NZ Addresses

There’s a significant difference between someone who has trained for equipment operation and those who haven’t gone through the proper training. There are several issues that the thorough Silvercard training program addresses:

  • Untrained operators are statistically much more prone to error than those who have been through quality training courses. After completing an EWP operator course in NZ, workers are shown to be safer and more effective at the worksite.
  • New Zealand’s compliance regulations may be the furthest thing from a new worker of a business owner’s mind when they get started in their industry. Before long, however, the question of compliance will come up, so it’s essential to be trained and ready to work in any environment involving EWPs
  • Independent or inadequately certified training programs can leave operators incompletely trained. Even worse, those operators may be under the false impression that they are prepared to use potentially dangerous machines despite not receiving the correct certification and experience.

Any of these problems can add complications for employers and workers, so avoid the risks by engaging the Silvercard certification training program.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding the EWP License in NZ

Several errors occur when people consider licensing and training courses for EWP operation:

  • Silvercard is the leading accreditation system for EWP operators in New Zealand. One mistake that some people make is to seek less-proven training programs or to attempt a self-taught course. These ultimately fail to meet the same high standards that Silvercard is held to, so there’s still the risk that improperly prepared operators may make costly errors.
  • The program isn’t only for business owners to use. This accreditation can help independent contractors improve their resumé and chances of working with a new company. When an operator is already licensed, potential clients or employers can invite them to the worksite with confidence that they’ll know what to do.
  • Don’t delay in seeking certification. Complete the training courses as soon as possible to ensure that you and your team are ready to work immediately. Your clients shouldn’t have to wait for you to finish training before you can help them.

Why Trust Silvercard Regarding EWP Operator Courses in NZ

The Silvercard program has been assisting New Zealand contractors for nearly two decades. It’s a time-tested and proven program for licensing that’s been approved by the government and engaged by countless businesses and contractors. Silvercard courses are available for several varieties of EWP, and each session is led by a trainer holding a National Certificate in Adult Education L4. Contact us to learn more about the program or locate a trainer near you.

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