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Trust EWP Silvercard for Scissor Lift Training Across New Zealand

Before using a scissor lift on your worksite, make sure that the employees who will be operating that equipment have gone through the necessary scissor lift training. At EWP Silvercard, we can help. For 20 years, our program has been helping businesses and their employees be safer and smarter in regard to elevated work platforms (EWPs). We provide the equipment training, safety best practices and regulatory awareness necessary to turn your team members into master scissor lift operators.

Benefits of Our Scissor Lift Courses

A scissor lift course with EWP Silvercard will result in many powerful and important outcomes. These benefits include:

  • Ability to assess the worksite: Scissor lifts and EWP equipment don’t exist or operate in a vacuum. The specific characteristics of a worksite can and do affect operation. As part of our courses, your employees will learn how to assess the work site before operating a scissor lift.
  • Equipment preparation: Preparing the scissor lift for implementation is half the battle for worksite safety. We help students master the preparation steps of EWP use, to pave the way for safer projects using this equipment.
  • Knowledge of EWP theory: The majority of the time in our scissor lift courses is devoted to practical aspects such as equipment preparation and operation. However, there is also a substantial portion of the course that focuses on relevant EWP theory, including legislative requirements and safety best practices.

All these outcomes are a match with New Zealand Qualifications Authority unit standards.

What Sets EWP Silvercard Apart Regarding Scissor Lift Training

EWP Silvercard is not the only program offering scissor lift certification in NZ. However, we are the most reputable and widely recognised program to provide these certifications. Here are a few of the factors that put us a cut above other certification programs:

  • Our history: Our program was created nearly two decades ago by Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ). Those industry roots set us apart and make us the gold standard for EWP training among many entities throughout the country.
  • Our focus on hiring the best trainers: We wouldn’t still be the reputed organisation we are if our training weren’t up to standard. We maintain the excellence of our programs by teaming up with the best trainers possible. Our trainers have ample industry experience, in-depth knowledge about compliance requirements and a keen eye for safety.
  • Our ease of course access: You don’t need to travel to a specific location for our scissor lift training in NZ. We have trainers located in cities throughout New Zealand, on both the North Island and the South Island. This geographic distribution of our trainers and courses allows us to provide our high-quality scissor lift training to more businesses and their employees.

Why Trust EWP Silvercard Regarding Scissor Lift Training in NZ


If you are seeking scissor lift certification in NZ for your team members and want to make sure you are getting the best training possible, choose EWP Silvercard. Not only do we have the history, reputation and teaching muscle necessary to give your workers these critical skills, but we are also industry preferred. Ask another business that operates in the EWP space to recommend a training program, and you will likely hear the Silvercard name. Contact us today to learn more.

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