EWP Training in Wellington

Trust EWP Silvercard with Your EWP Training in Wellington


Are you looking for EWP training in Wellington for your worksite crew? If so, look no further than EWP Silvercard. Our courses give elevated work platform (EWP) operators the knowledge, skills, safety best practices and regulatory information they need to use the equipment in a compliant, safe and productive fashion.

What Sets EWP Silvercard Apart Regarding Elevated Work Platform Training in Wellington

When it comes to EWP training in Wellington (or, frankly, anywhere in New Zealand), EWP Silvercard is the best of the best. Our training is first-class and builds smart, safe, qualified and conscientious EWP professionals. A few of the factors that set our training program apart from our elevated work platform courses in Wellington include:

  • Our program was built on key industry partnerships: 20 years ago, the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ) developed EWP Silvercard. Our courses are linked to New Zealand Qualifications Authority unit standards. Other partners include the EWPA, Careers in Hire and Skills NZ.
  • Our courses are geared towards specific EWP equipment: We don’t just offer one general all-in-one EWP training program. Instead, we structure our courses around specific EWP equipment, including scissor lifts, vertical lifts and various types of boom lifts.
  • We are equally focused on safety and compliance: The two critical motivations for elevated work platform training in Wellington are safety and compliance. Our courses are geared towards each equally. We want to help you make your worksites safer while also eliminating any concerns about legislative compliance.

Finally, the EWP Silvercard is reputable, respected and recognised nationally. If you need an EWP licencing program for your business, choosing Silvercard is your best bet.

Why EWP Training in Wellington is Important

Why is it so important to make sure all your EWP workers have gone through elevated work platform courses in Wellington? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Safety: At EWP Silvercard, we always say that employee safety is everyone’s responsibility. Employers are responsible for making sure their employees have the necessary knowledge, experience and training to do their work safely.
  • Compliance: In fact, the Health & Safety at Work Act also says that employers have a responsibility to train their workers for all processes—especially those that may be dangerous. Ensuring that your employees have gone through the necessary EWP training helps ensure compliance in this regard.
  • Productivity: Knowing that your employees know how to operate EWPs—and specific types of EWPs, at that—reduces wasted time on the worksite, helping maximise productivity and profit.

Why Choose EWP Silvercard for EWP Training in Wellington

If you are looking for EWP training for your team in Wellington, look no further than EWP Silvercard. In addition to the first-class nature of our training programs, we also make training accessible anywhere in New Zealand. You can find a course near you by looking through our list of qualified trainers. In Wellington, we have two trainers available: Access Specialties and Wellington. We also have other trainers scattered across the North and South Islands. For help finding a trainer near you, contact us today.

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