EWP Training Courses in Wellington

Nationally Recognised EWP Training Courses in Wellington

If you’re searching for industry-leading EWP training courses in Wellington, you needn’t look any further than us. At HIANZ, we’ve been teaching people how to use elevated work platforms ranging from truck-mounted booms to scissor lifts for two decades, making us the obvious choice if you want to obtain a certification that will open job opportunities across New Zealand. Read below to learn why we’re a leading course provider in Wellington. We’ll also discuss why gaining certification is essential.

What Sets the Silvercard Apart Regarding EWP Certification in Wellington

At HIANZ, we’re partners with some of the most prestigious organisations that work with sectors using elevated work platforms, including The Skills Organisation. However, we also stand out from the competition due to our:

  • Level of our experience: Our EWP Silvercard has been the industry-leading certification for working at heights for two decades. We only hire professionals with a wealth of experience, and we ensure all our trainees receive enough one-on-one time with their instructor to fine-tune their skills and pass our courses with flying colours.
  • Knowledge of all EWP platforms and equipment: We know the ins and outs of all types of machinery that enables people to work at heights. Such heavy equipment can include scissor lifts, self-propelled booms, vertical lifts, truck-mounted booms and more. Tell us what you require, and we’ll recommend the most suitable course for you.
  • Cost-effective prices and flexibility: We pride ourselves on being one of the most competitively priced EWP training providers in the nation. In addition to Wellington, we offer courses in locations across New Zealand, including Tauranga, Blenheim and Christchurch.

The Importance of EWP Certification in Wellington

Here’s why completing one of our courses is essential if you intend to work at height in an industry such as construction, mining or rigging:

  • Open new job opportunities: Whether you’re looking to gain a head start in your new job or want to change your career, obtaining an EWP certification might be the perfect solution. With an EWP Silvercard, you can prove you’re a safe, skilled and highly competent worker who will prove to be an asset to the company, regardless of the industry to which it belongs.
  • Learn how to work at height safely: Obtaining a certification from us isn’t just to show potential employers you’re worth your salt – it’s about arming yourself with the required skills keep yourself out of harm’s way, regardless of how hazardous your work may be. We’ll teach you how to identify and eliminate hazards, operate machinery, respond to emergencies and more.
  • Understand the law: The laws concerning workplace safety change frequently. Our job is to remain on top of the latest updates so that we can inform our trainees of the most recent laws that could affect their career or industry.

Why Trust HIANZ Regarding EWP Certification in Wellington


At HIANZ, we aim to set the standard for companies in our industry, which is why we have such prestigious partners and continually invest in the development of our courses to ensure each client we serve leaves with the required skills to land a new job, earn a promotion or remain compliant with the law. Call our team for more information.

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