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If you are seeking a Safety Harness at Heights Licence in NZ, or any licence related to the operation of an elevated work platform (EWP), look no further than Silvercard. The Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ) developed the Silvercard program nearly two decades ago. In the years since the Silvercard has come to be known nationally as a respected and reputable proof of concept for EWP operators spanning numerous sectors and disciplines.

Don’t settle for anything less, ask for Silvercard!

The Safety Harness Systems at Heights course is suitable for anyone who is or will be using a safety harness system while working at heights.  With the Safety Harness Systems course you will gain skills and knowledge to work safely at heights using a safety harness system under supervision.


Why Sivercard is Cost Effective

Training for a Safety Harness at Heights Licence in NZ is a small investment that will help ensure compliance, safety and productive work on your project sites. The benefits and value of the training far outweigh the price of admission. 

HIANZ has a long history of serving industrial workers and contractors. With several decades of experience, our Silvercard instructors are located throughout New Zealand and prepared to help workers from any industry become certified in safety and equipment competency.  You can count on our instructors to provide the premium standard for educational excellence. Each trainer is an industry professional holding at least a National Certificate in Adult Education L4 at a minimum. 

We offer courses on both islands for your convenience. For more information on our courses, including competitive pricing, contact one of our Trainers who will get you started on a career path that is always in demand. Acquiring the credentials for safe elevated work platforms opens many doors for employment. Start your new path today.


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