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Receive Your EWP License in Auckland Through Silvercard

If you need options for obtaining an EWP license in Auckland, look no further than the vast array of courses available at Silvercard. We provide our students with a unique experience to learn how to operate heavy-duty machinery that can help further their career.

What You Can Expect from Silvercard Regarding EWP Training Courses in Auckland

As a trusted name for EWP training course in Auckland, you can always anticipate the following when you register for any of our classes:

  • Variety of course options: We strive to present you with a great selection of courses to suit your unique needs. Our professionals teach you how to operate EWP’s including scissor and vertical lifts and different booms such as trailer and truck mounted machinery.
  • EWP Operator ID Card: Proof that you have successfully completed our certification program comes in the form of an identification card that you can show to any employee or co-worker. Do you need documentation to prove you are currently enrolled? Make sure to ask about our temporary cards. Your outcome is also reported to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, also known as the NZQA.
  • Trusted guidance: We hold our instructors to a high standard, so you receive nothing but the best education. As members of the Hire Industry Association of New Zealand, we ensure that our teachers have excellent training in the field. We adhere to the standards set down by The Skills Organisation, which is the company in charge of reporting your results to the NZQA.

Things You Can Learn from Our EWP Certification Courses in Auckland

We design our EWP certification classes in Auckland to ensure that you get the most value out the time you spend in the classroom. You can expect to learn about the following:

  • Emergency procedures: Would you know what to do in the case of an extreme event surrounding an EWP boom lift in Auckland? Our teachers provide you with the tools to handle any emergency calmly and efficiently to avoid any harm to you or your co-workers.
  • Operational checks: Ensuring that a piece of machinery is in proper working condition is a key component of our course. We teach you how to assess your equipment both before and after use so you can verify that it is always up-to-par.
  • Practical assessments: While we believe that learning about the theory behind the machine you are operating is important, we don’t overlook the value of first-hand experience. You will be exposed to a demonstration of the EWP and observe the correct operating procedures and then get to climb behind the controls.

About Silvercard

The Silvercard team is proud of our nearly 20-year history. Our hands-on approach ensures that you have the tools that you need to work an environment with an EWP. A member of our staff is always happy to address any questions or concerns while you are considering which option is best for you.
To learn more about our options for an EWP ticket in Auckland, please contact us.

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