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If you are seeking a Boom Lift Licence in NZ, or any licence related to the operation of an elevated work platform (EWP), look no further than Silvercard. The Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ) developed the Silvercard program nearly two decades ago. In the years since the Silvercard has come to be known nationally as a respected and reputable proof of concept for EWP operators spanning numerous sectors and disciplines.

Don’t settle for anything less, ask for Silvercard!

Tips Regarding the Boom Lift Ticket in NZ

Before you sign employees at your company up for a boom lift course in NZ, consider these tips and pointers to make sure you are getting as much value out of your training as possible:

  • Get training for everyone: Anyone who will or may be working with/on an EWP in the course of work for your company needs the proper training. The EWP Silvercard programs provide that training and certification in the form of the Silvercard certification. Getting these cards for your whole team will keep you legally compliant while also ensuring a safe worksite grounded in best practices.
  • Specify the type of boom lift: There are EWP Silvercard training options available for three types of boom lifts: self-propelled booms, truck-mounted booms and trailer-mounted booms. Each EWP is a bit different and has its individual Silvercard training session. Know which type of boom lift on which you’re seeking training for your employees.
  • Look beyond the boom lift: You may have come to the Silvercard website just seeking a ticket for an EWP boom lift in NZ. However, there is a good chance that your team is using other EWPs too—such as scissor lifts or vertical lifts. Considering that the different types of booms are different, these EWPs have their own unique operational best practices. Getting your team trained in all the different types of EWPs may be a good investment for your business.

All Silvercard Trainers hold a minimum of National Certificate in Adult Education L4 and are approved assessors with The Skills Organisation, delivering courses in accordance with HIANZ Silvercard guidelines at all times.


Problems EWP Silvercard Addresses

We have worked to build the EWP Silvercard into New Zealand’s finest training and certification program for EWP operators. Our programs address numerous problems often found in industry or trade training programs, including:

  • Geographic inaccessibility: Sometimes, you’re out of luck if you don’t live near a specific location where training is offered. EWP Silvercard courses are available throughout New Zealand.
  • Trainers without practical experience: When you enrol in a boom lift course in NZ, you can trust that your trainer will be a true industry veteran. Our trainers are experienced industry professionals. Most of them have worked within the hire industry or somewhere in the EWP service sector. They know these machines and how they operate, as well as safety practices and compliance demands.
  • Poorly balanced training: Silvercard courses are perfectly balanced between theory and practical training and incorporate plenty of one-on-one time.

Why Sivercard is Cost Effective

Training for an EWP Boom Lift Licence in NZ is a small investment that will help ensure compliance, safety and productive work on your project sites. The benefits and value of the training far outweigh the price of admission. 

HIANZ has a long history of serving industrial workers and contractors. With several decades of experience, our Silvercard instructors are located throughout New Zealand and prepared to help workers from any industry become certified in safety and equipment competency.  You can count on our instructors to provide the premium standard for educational excellence. Each trainer is an industry professional holding at least a National Certificate in Adult Education L4 at a minimum. 

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The Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ) is committed to promoting best practice training for EWP operators across New Zealand.


Our assessors are approved by The Skills Organisation who manage the reporting of a participants completed Unit Standards to NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority). Participants are also enrolled with Skills Organisation.

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